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Martin Andrew

Certified EOS ImplementerTM 

Since 2010 I have immersed myself in the world of entrepreneurial business helping SME’s achieve their growth potential. This experience has enabled me to surround myself with many entrepreneurs, owners and leadership teams. Prior to this I spent 20 years in leadership roles in a broad and diverse range of international businesses.

Now, truth be told, not all of these experiences were enjoyable, in fact some were pretty awful, but they led me to want to understand what it was that made the difference between those great companies and those that that were just good, so to speak.

In 2017 I discovered exactly what it is when I landed upon the Traction® book written by lifelong entrepreneur Gino Wickman. This best selling book introduced me to the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)™, a simple set of tools and disciplines that help organisations solve all the key issues in a business so that the owners and leaders can get what they want from it.

Now I admit I was a touch sceptical it could be that simple so I set about implementing these tools into the business I was working with at the time. The results were incredible and I was so impressed that I set up my own practice and joined the EOS Worldwide Community as a Professional Implementer™. I now spend all my time working with business owners and their teams helping them ‘get a grip’ on their business as we say.

I will be completely transparent here and emphasise that this system is a simple set of practical tools and disciplines, timeless concepts that have been around for years – there is no abstract theories or latest management fads so if that’s what you’re looking for, I’m not your man.

BUT, if you do want to get real, simple, results and get everyone in your organisation on the same page, executing against your vision with discipline and accountability every day, and thus leave you with more time to spend pursuing other passions in life then I’m here to help you.


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Why Hire an EOS ® Implementer?

Human nature

We help you focus on what you need to do vs. human nature’s tendency to encourage you to do what you want to do


We provide an external, independent, and trusted perspective to challenge your way of thinking and acting..

Capacity Building

We help you increase your capability to manage your next challenge.


We help you increase your capability to manage your next challenge.


We help you make lasting change in your organisation and make EOS a habit for your organization.


We have walked in your shoes and have run small and medium-sized businesses


Our experience enables us to communicate with other CEO’s and business leaders on a peer-to-peer basis.


We typically have 20 to 30 years of business experience that enables us help ensure an enduring approach.


Our name is on the line and integrity and relationships are the goodwill that we need to create an enduring practice.


We provide a high level of accountability. We are obsessed about execution, traction, getting it done, and concluding